23 year old Tiara Thomas is on the rise I got a chance to speak with her on topics such as her upcoming album, how’s life since signing with Rico love, how her “They don’t know” verse came about, writing smash single “BAD”, fashion & more. Check out this exclusive interview here….

Q: How are you?

A. I’m doing great, how are you? I been working on this album so I have so much stress….(Laughs) continued. (Listen To Audio)

Q: So how has everything been since signing with Rico Love?

A. Ummm, I been having a really good time actually I was just in the studio with Rico Love last night, actually been in the studio with him everyday this week. Ummm yeah yeah solo I’ve been working with him quite a bit on the album and ummm so me and him we always come up with some crazy, crazy stuff we did some really dope stuff last night you know I’ve been working I been working a bunch of traveling a bunch getting in the studio so that’s all I been doing right now.

Q: What should we expect from this new album? What different sound are you bringing to the R&B Game That’s kinda missing as far as females?

A. I wouldn’t say it’s an R&B album, you gotta hear it people could get a better representation of who I am as an artist. I really came up with most of the concepts for the album everything is really personal.

Q: So what’s your thoughts on R&B music, how would you describe R&b at this moment when listening to the Radio?

A. I think music is just evolving and so we got a like a lot of new energy coming to the game R&B, Hip-Hop, Urban we got a lot of new energy ummm a lot of new artist I think the sound is just evolving the music is just evolving.

Q: So with the “They don’t know” remix how  did your verse come about?  Did you tell Rico you wanted to be on the track?

A. Well I was actually in the studio right after they recorded that song some months ago and umm I was like yo this song is dope. At the time I think he was going to use something else as his first single I don’t know it was a while ago and umm but I was like this is my favorite song and umm so after he dropped it as a single he was like yo i’ma get you on the remix i’ma put you on the remix put a whole bunch of people on the remix this was like before it dropped he wanted to put me on the remix so once it dropped he sent it over and I put my verse on there and we went with it.

Q: On that track your rapping, I can tell that someone like Lauryn Hill would be someone you idolized as a kid or I could be wrong? Are you more comfortable rapping than singing or are you comfortable with both?

A. ummm i’m trying to incorporate rapping a lot more, well to the Lauryn Hill question I love Lauryn Hill she’s been like a lil inspiration with me starting to play the gutair, sing and rap. Maybe like 3 years ago all the stuff I used to post on youtube like back in the day I would do covers of like Trillville “Some cut” or the cash out cover and I rap on those covers so I’ve been doing that since I was on youtube I had a record deal and people are now just starting to hear that I do both. So I’ve been trying to incorporate rapping more but I’ve been doing that since the beginning.

Q: So I know you wrote “Bad” what are some of the other tracks you’ve written that people might have not known you’ve written?

A. “Bad” is actually the first thing I’ve written I wrote it for myself also back when I was working with Wale we got in the studio like everyday as much as we could and did….continued. (Listen to Full Interview Audio)

Tune into the second part of our interview (Listen to Interview audio, start at 7:00 on video) We will get on these specific questions as far as fashion & more)


Q: On the fashion side, describe your style?

Q: Are you more of a heel type chick or sneaker?

Q: Do you have any particular favorite brands at this moment?

Q: So how did you meet up with Rico Love?

Q: So are their any artist who you would like to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

Q: So growing up who were a few of the R&B singers you idolized?

This wraps up my interview! Thanks for your time Tiara!

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Interviewed by Imarashed