yikyak Chat app-logo
I’ve never heard of ‘Yik Yak’. but the high school wonder years crowd usually set the trend of what becomes popular, at least in the app space, even it wasn’t meant for them.

Tat Wza

Yik Yak is like a cross between snapchat and twitter using location services to keep the ‘chats’ local, and apparently being used in HS’s for local gossip, and a form of bullying because the posts are anonymous, so people can say rude and obscene things without a face to face response at any point. Yik Yak CEO says it was made for college campuses to be like a digital bulletin board, and not meant to be for less mature students. High schools would like to get the app blocked, but unfortunately that’s NOT gonna happen.

Yik Yak is on iOS7 and up only, which I don’t care to upgrade to(I can wait for it on the 6), so I can’t really give you the onsite on how it truly works, but I can tell you, ALWAYS keep an eye on the apps your child is using, and give them guidance on what matters and what doesn’t, and why some kids feel the need to be abusive…pretty much jealousy!!