There’s no end to the drama surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. As of now, one woman has made some extremely shocking claims about the co-pilot. According to reports, the 27-year-old pilot has a history of bad choices while on the job. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

Jamaal Fisher

Upon hearing the identity of the flight crew, South African tourist, Jonti Roos, told Australia’s Channel 9 news of her relationship with first officer Fariq Ab Hamid. According to her, he had invited teenage girls inside the cockpit and smoked during flights. Not only that, Hamid allowed the girls to stay during both the takeoff and the landing. Roos’ story was even backed up by pictures.

Roos told CNN and Australian Channel 9 that she and a friend were waiting for a flight in 2011, when Hamid and another pilot asked them if they wanted to come and sit inside the cockpit during the flight.

Roos said she and her friend agreed but initially went to their assigned seats when they boarded. Later they were escorted to the cockpit area and they were there for the rest of the flight.

“Throughout the whole flight they were talking to us,” Roos said in the interview. “They were actually smoking, which I don’t think they are allowed to be doing. And they were taking photos of us in the cockpit while they were flying. I was just completely shocked I couldn’t believe it.”


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