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There has to be something in the water in Florida, they are stone cold Crazy down there…Maybe the heat is just frying brains. 42 Year old Fla. man, Tilus Lebrun, wasn’t happy about some picture being uploaded to the internet, and went off in a rage slicing up his boss in front of 20 or so witnesses….

Tat Wza

Apparently the eatery is popular(Jimmy the Greek Taverna), and was packed a the time of the gruesome attack. Tilus also attacked a co-worker after the boss, and all the patron’s fled the diner. The photo that caused the homocide is still not in the news cycle, and no one knows what it shows that would incite Tilus to murder, but is was allegedly uploaded to FB on March 2nd.

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The attack happened around 730p this past thurs, and the owner, Dimitrios Karaloukas, 61, was pronounced dead by 845p.

Tilus was caught a couple blocks away, when the cops caught up with him, he still had the knife and said:

“I killed him because he took my photograph on March 2 and posted it on the Internet.”

And also said in an interview at the police station later:

“They need to learn how to respect people. I have three kids in Haiti. I know they will suffer, but they will survive,”

Although Tilus Lebrun did the WRONG thing, you should always get permission from someone before actually posting pics.