Rozay tore down the stage last night in Austin,Texas at the Fader Fort showcase. He put on a great show as he performed some of the songs from his #1 album Mastermind! After the show, Ross gave a quick interview expressing how it feels to have a 5th #1 album. Check out the clip and the interview below!

Jayyiah Coles

“You know what, when this is what you center everything around, you just want the best, not only for yourself, but for your team, everybody you build with,” Ross said. “I not only want a No. 1 for me but for all the new-time dudes who’ve never been on a No. 1 album.”

“Regardless of the success I see, I still go back to my foundation … that made me,” he said as he stood shirtless in his dressing room tent following a performance at Fader Fort. “Yesterday, after being out on promo for two months, I took a day out of my schedule to go to the smaller markets in South Carolina, the Columbias, you know the (places) that don’t get attention. But those are the places where I remember making my first $5,000 shows from, so I still go to those places. At the end of the day, I still think that’s the energy that keep that moving like that.”

Rick Ross SXSW by YardieGoals

Rick Ross SXSW 2 by YardieGoals