Daniel Noble as Rambo

A Florida resident was having a drink at Europa Lounge in Flager County and came back hours later ready to kill. How did a trip to the bar turn into this?


Daniel Allen Noble thought he was in an action movie Saturday night when he allegedly went to a bar dressed as Rambo armed with an Uzi assault rifle and hunting knives. Two bar patrons tried to wrestle the gun away from Daniel which caused him to let go of a few rounds. They were finally able to disarm him but Noble just wouldn’t go down without a fight! He then took out one of his knives and began to violently swing resulting in the stabbing of three people including himself, as you can see in his mugshot. Eventually he was rendered unconscious.

Both men who were in battle with Noble suffered a few injuries. One victim is currently hospitalized and recovering from a stab wound in his left eyes and hands.

Noble is being held without bond and is faced with multiple charges including attempted murder.