When Usher’s Confessions album dropped and sold 20 Million copies worldwide, the hype about Usher cheating on his then girlfriend Chili was the news. People believed and some hurt that he could cheated on Chili. Or DID HE?

Nqobi C

Jermaine Dupri recently sat down to talk about where the title and process of “Confessions Part 1 & 2” came about. Dupri stated,

” How do I create a whirlwind around Usher and make Usher something to talk about? Make people want to go deeper into the person. That was my quest. And from that point on I started watching Usher’s life closely.”

From there he admitted he create the mystery of Usher possibly have cheated on Chili through the writing of Part 1 and 2. Dupri said,

“I wanted everybody to start wondering: Who’s he talking about? What’s going on? Where’s this coming from? That was the goal.”

On the truth about the song, Dupri added “‘Part II’ was all me, my whole life story, basically. I just had gone through ‘Part II’ in real life.”

Apparently it was because Usher was too clean at the time to get the hype for the new album.

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