After being cleared of criminal charges for shooting 22 year old Noel Polanco two years ago, officer Hassan Hamdy may face departmental charges that can cost him his job of 15 years. So you’re telling me after killing an innocent civilian he was still allowed to work?! Smh, even with a $2.5 million dollar settlement, the victim’s mother still plan to “fight for justice.” Read more after the jump.

After two years a mother can finally say she has some type of justice for her son.

Cecilia Reyes says nothing will ever replace her son, Noel Polanco. But the NYPD’s departmental charges filed against officers involved in his death bring her a sense of justice. Polanco, a 22-year-old National Guard soldier, was shot and killed after he was stopped for reckless driving on the Grand Central Parkway in 2012.

The mother says nothing will ever replace her son but knowing that some action is being taken is comforting.

The detective that fired, Hassan Hamdy, a 15-year veteran of the force, was cleared of criminal wrongdoing but now faces a departmental charge for “failing to employ proper tactics causing a civilian’s death.” The administrative charge could cost him his job. Sanford Rubenstein, a lawyer for Reyes, said that the detective claimed Polanco was reaching for something under the seat but in reality was unarmed.
A sergeant from the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit also received an administrative charge for failing to supervise Hamdy during the stop.

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