Phylicia Rashad sat down recently with the Huffington Post and when asked about sitcoms she had no problem speaking on her dislike with them. She talked about how everything is different is now compare to then from the ways the shows are to what she think causes the difference. Catch what she said and watch the video after the jump.

Phylicia Rashad had some choice words for the new sitcoms out, when asked what she thought about them today she said

“No comparison. I’m sorry, there just isn’t. I was in a class in Howard University. Greek literature, literature in the Greek theater. Dr. Frank Snowden was the professor. So he said to us one day after we had been studying the classics for a while, ‘Okay, which do you prefer, drama or comedy? And I was a drama student. I said ‘I like the drama, I love the drama.’
He said, ‘Really? Well, Phylicia, that’s very interesting you know. Drama appeals to the emotions, comedy appeals to the intellect.’
So the difference between Mr. Cosby’s humor and what you see a lot today? Think about that. It appealed to the intellect.

Wow, nicely said Mrs. Rashad, catch the video below

Stefan B