I mean I’m not against competition, but I do feel like this so not clean. If it weren’t Netflix, people would still be shackled to watching ‘content’ when it was good for someone else’s schedule. AT&T partnering with News Corp with $500M behind themare getting ready to ‘invest and launch’ a VOD(Video On Demand) service like Netflix.

Tat Wza

Can these two companies create a ‘Netflix Killer’?! Well that’s what they are actively looking to do! AT&T needs help in this field so they partnered with the Chernin Group which is owned by News Corp(Fox news and them), and has a major stake in Crunchyroll, the ‘Netflix of Anime’. Analyst say its very unlikely they actually ‘kill Netflix'(especially with Netflix now having award winning content!), but they also say it could be good for the user’s, especially this looking to cut the cables!!