By now you guys have all heard about the sickening, disgusting racist remarks made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The backlash has been quick & severe. It seems as of now the only people we haven’t heard from are Sterling himself, Clippers players and the NBA. It has brought feelings of anger and disappointment in most people that this guy who employs numerous African-Americans, and has thousands of fans of his team that are black, could be such a bigot. The reactions haven’t stopped and now we have more from French Montana, Stephen A Smith & Dominique Wilkins, who actually played for the Clippers when they were owned by Sterling back in the 90’s. Check the gallery for the tweet from French and hit the jump to hear what Nique’ and Stephen A had to say.


Atlanta Hawks exec Dominique Wilkins — former NBA great — tells TMZ Sports … he’s not surprised by Donald Sterling’s racist comments … claiming racism is still a huge problem in the United States.

“As a VP for the Hawks it is appalling to wake up to this story,” Wilkins says … “It is in no way anything that I know MY NBA at ANY level to promote, condone or harbor behind closed doors or openly.”

But Wilkins explains, “As a black man living in the South, this is not something that is a surprise. Racism is prevalent, still a problem and something that can NOT be taken lightly in ANY context!”

He continues, “As a former Clipper, I feel for the community of LA. It is a melting pot of culture and ALL races. For Clipper fans, staff and players, I do hope this is dealt with swiftly and justly. It is just totally disappointing.”

Stephen A Smith added his own reaction as well:

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