RHOA Banned Props

Well it looks like all it took was one good time to make Bravo Network’s frontman, Andy Cohen reevaluate the ground rules for reunion show taping. Although most people have equated the knock down drag out to Kenya’s big mouth, and antagonist ways, fans and viewers have named a new culprit for the messiness that ensued on the RHOA reunion taping, that secured the highest ratings of all the franchises…According to fans and viewers, Andy Cohen is being pin pointed as the root of the incident…..

Well in Andy’s defense he says, “call me crazy guys but I didn’t see that coming. I hear y’all about the props but at the time I didn’t see that result coming,” he explained after receiving a number of upset tweets about the situation, adding, “if I thought it was going to go there I obviously would’ve taken the bullhorn away asap.”

It appears that the Bravo host finally got the hint after the Kenya and Porsha debacle caused an avalanche of tweets in his mentions.
“It’s official – no more props at reunions,” he mandated. Ding ding. Yeah Andy, women of color don’t take too kindly to things being put in their face.

Take a look at what started it all below

Do you think Andy banning props will nip any violent episodes in the bud for future or nah?

Andrea G