So between major retailers losing you personal info, regular hackers, and the Heartbleed bug, you could very well be in jeopardy of a strong hacking. I know you’re like ‘but how can I tell?’, well worry no longer, the ‘tell’ is here!!

Tat Wza

S/O Forbes for tracking down this info, and BGR for resharing it for me to share with you! There are 3 sites that can be used to check if ANY of your email and other online presence have been tampered with:

1st; The one I like the most, HaveIbeenPwned

It allows you to look up email and usernames!!

2nd; pretty cool, ShouldiChangeMyPassword it allows you to look up email, AND keep track if something does happen!!

3rd; is PwnedList, but doesn’t work as well, still worth letting you know about!!

Remember, just to be safe, change your passwords and security questions!!