Here’s one that’s loyal. Alabama’s very own, Michelle Barker Bradley, is in some serious trouble. What’s crazy is that this situation comes right out of a scene from “Goodfellas.” According to reports, Bradley is accused of kidnappings her estranged husband from his girlfriend’s house. Hit the jump to see how it played out.

Jamaal Fisher

According to Daily News, “Michelle Barker Bradley, 26, came to the Selma home of her husband’s flame early Saturday morning and fired shots into the air, demanding for him to come outside, authorities said. Bradley then made her estranged husband get in the car and apparently continued to terrorize him.”

Then, according to Lt. Curtis Muhannad of the Selma Police Department, “Mrs. Bradley called the victim’s mother and told her that she was going to kill her son and drop his body somewhere between Selma and Maplesville.”

The difference between life and death for Mr. Bradley was none other than his side piece. His girlfriend followed his wife’s car and called 911. Shortly after, the police pulled her over without incident and recovered a .22 caliber handgun.

Hit the gallery for Michelle Bradley’s mugshot!