Welcome to NY Michael Vick.  I know some people will never forgive him, but c’mon leave the man alone.  He did his time and paid his debt to society.  Well Vick and some friends went out to a bar in NYC and an aggressive heckler decided to go at Vick.  Security had to step in and it got physical.  Check out the footage…



Via TMZ:

Vick — along with former Philadelphia Eagles teammate LeSean McCoy and others — were hangin’ out at The Ainsworth to watch the NFL Draft when the group was approached by a man holding a cell phone and screaming about a dog.

Sources at the bar tell us … the man tried to get right up in Vick’s face — and that’s when security stepped in, grabbed the man, and tried to physically drag him outside.  We’re told Vick and his crew kept their cool during the incident … and later went outside to check on the situation.

When they got outside the bar, security was still getting into it with the heckler — and Vick and his crew just stood back and watched … refusing to get involved.