Reports from NFL draft night at first said a homeless man may of been indirectly responsible for the Browns drafting Johnny Manziel, but it may of been more than that. According to Browns quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains, a text message directly from Johnny himself may of been the real reason for the pick. He revealed that yesterday during a radio interview. Hit the jump.


Loggains said that as Manziel slid down the draft board, he sent him a text that read: “I wish you guys would come get me. Hurry up and draft me because I want to wreck this league together.”

Added Loggains: “When I got that text, I forwarded it to the owner (Jimmy Haslam) and to the head coach (Mike Pettine). I’m like, ‘This guy wants to be here. He wants to be part of it.’ As soon as that happened, Mr. Haslam said, ‘Pull the trigger. We’re trading up to go get this guy.'”

Shortly after the Browns made the move to trade up in the draft and select the most exciting player in the entire building. It is very safe to say the Browns will have more fans this season than maybe ever.

Sometimes you just have to be confident in yourself and let people know.