Talk about the movement to an all “smart” universe(Finally you can say ‘Smart A**’ and mean it?), the Darma Smart Cushion was introduced yesterday….and now you get your heart rate through your A** 0_0

Our Chief Techie, Tat Wza, says this is crazy, yet would like to try it out!

The device uses 1mm sensors that can detect your tinniest body movements. The “smarty pants” device can tell not only your heart rate, but breathing patterns, and check your sitting posture. So for example if it thinks you have been sitting for too long, it will notify you to take a break and stretch. Great for an excuse to take a break…only thing is you better get your boss one 1st!!!

Laura Rodriguez

Check out the original article for more cushion uses and pictures on Engadget.com :http://www.engadget.com/2014/05/13/darma-smart-cushion/