No more writing a status about your new favorite song or show and people asking you for a link or where to find it. Facebook has decided that sharing music should be quick and easy. On Wednesday, the social network announced they are releasing an audio-recognition feature which will allow users to automatically tag music, television shows or movies into their status updates.

IFWT Techie Tat Wza says “Ummm, ok, feels like this is Shazaams lane, but FB is not know to play well with others unless they purchase them, otherwise they usually just ‘do their own version’, which is def making them a stand alone platform!!”

Aisha Renee Noel

The feature works similar to the popular app Shazam. The new feature uses your phone’s microphone to identify the song or TV show while it’s playing and tag it in your post. Your friends will only be able to listen to a brief 30 second snippet of the song you choose to post. Don’t worry it wont post what your listening to all the time, you have the ability to turn the feature on and off. As far as tv post, your news feed post will highlight the specific season and episode you’re watching. According to CNN, The social network said the unnamed feature will be available to U.S. users on Android and iOS devices “in the coming weeks.”