I hear about a lot of bad teachers and sometimes I do understand how a parents can blame the teacher, but this one NAH! Parents in CT are suing the high school that their two daughters attended because they said it “changed” them. How you ask? Find out after the jump!


So if suddenly one day your two daughters became obsessed with suicide, death and anything else dark and depressing would you blame the school? Well a couple is in CT think so. Their three daughters whom all attended the same school became infatuated with death after becoming close with some teachers in their high school. Instead of learning Spanish they were learning everything to do with their new found religious cult.

According to the lawsuit, the four staff members at Avon High School befriended the two oldest daughters — now ages 22 and 19 — and started manipulating them.
While enrolled in the teachers’ Spanish classes, the girls and their classmates were taught about spirituality, numerology and astrology instead of the language.
The teachers began singling out the two sisters, meeting them outside of class, the lawsuit says.
Under the teachers’ influence, the girls became withdrawn and secretive, their parents asserts.
Soon, the girls started speaking in a strange language and having suicidal fantasies.
The girls lacked empathy and became obsessed with death, the lawsuit contends.
The teachers also targeted the family’s youngest daughter, but the girl was able to break free, the family says.
When the two oldest girls graduated and attended Wellesley College, the teachers continued their influence. The parents claim their oldest daughter would go to one of the college’s halls to dance and sing with the cult.

This def sounds like the teachers were doing some in school recruiting but I wouldn’t blame the school. Suing the school is not going to change their behavior so what is the school giving you money for ? They could’ve learned about the cult from Youtube, are you going to sue them too?! Idk, let me hear what yall think!