40-year-old Military Veteran, Charlie Mayes from Douglasville, Georgia is facing charges after being arrested for child cruelty. According to police reports, Mayes admitted to using a Military-style punishment to discipline his 16-year-old son. It’s very unfortunate for the elder Mayes, especially, because far worse ways to discipline a child come to mind but his don’t seem that bad. Check out the full scoop after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

After he repeatedly opted — for whatever reasons a teenager would give — to not take care of his chores or maintain his school work, Charlie Mayes chose to have his son carry a paving slab weighing up to 23 pounds back and forth for miles. Via Daily Mail, according to Police Sergeant Todd Garner, of Douglasville Police, the 16-year-old boy was made to carry the paving slab several times over a three-day period.

A pizza delivery driver called Joshua Burnette alerted police after spotting the struggling teenager on one of his punishment walks.
He told Douglas County Sentinel: ‘I got to work and saw him there and I asked if he was alright.
‘He was sweating, dirty and was obviously tired. He asked if I could give him a ride so I checked with my boss and he said it was okay.
‘He picked up this massive brick and asked if he could put in in the truck.’
Burnette then spotted the boy a few hours later walking with the slab in temperatures reaching 90F.

… ‘In between that time, he was at home having to move rocks and stuff from one side of the back yard to the other and then being taken right back out to the same location and dropped off and made to walk back again.’
Police Sgt Garner said: ‘He did not feel that this was inappropriate at all and neither did his wife.’