Wiz Khalifa arrested

Earlier this week, Wiz Khalifa was arrested in El Paso, TX after police found weed on him at an airport security checkpoint. Texas is infamous for locking up stars for their marijuana usage, including Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson in recent years. Though he was quickly released and went on to drop his new mixtape with only a small delay, there’s still a small issue with the incident that is keeping it relevant days later.

El Paso cops are now investigating a breach in jailhouse security, wanting to know how it could be possible for Wiz to have his phone while inside his cell, managing to send out multiple tweets…including a selfie for good measure. Of course inmates aren’t supposed to have their phones, so cops want to know if the Taylor Gang CEO was left unsupervised or could he have been getting special treatment? Either way, rules were broken…and someone is going to have to pay! Perhaps this will prevent them from wasting their time even bothering to arrest someone over this next time? (Yeah right, but it’d be nice!)

Marisa Mendez

Source: TMZ