Its been 5 years since U.S Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl disappeared from his army base in eastern Afghanistan. It was 4:30 a.m when he was reported missing and by 7 a.m there was a full blown search for him with no signs to be seen anywhere. The years following there were video clips showing the solider malnourished , disheveled and beat-up.


U.S government confirmed negotiation was in process with the Taliban in 2012 , but allegedly the Taliban cut off communication. In 2013 the lines opened again, in which the U.S asked for proof of life , which came in December of that year. This video was the first in three years from the Taliban showing the Sargent very unwell, the effects of years of captivity. Neither sides trusted each other and had a third party negotiate between them. Finally last week an agreement was made. They would exchange Sgt.Bergdahl in exchange for 5 detainees (mid-high level officials in the Taliban.) It is reported that when he realized he was with Special Forces he broke down and cried. After almost 5 years of captivity he was finally free.