IFWT_Kevin Love Rondo

Fans went crazy over the weekend when the above pic went viral on social media.  Many assumed that Rajon Rondo was trying to recruit Kevin Love to the Celtics since Kevin was in Boston.  So what did happen?!  Rondo revealed it’s not exactly what you think.  Check it out…




Rajon Rondo said he didn’t put a hard sell on Kevin Lovewhen the two NBA superstars crossed paths Sunday at Fenway Park, but he acknowledged that the Timberwolves forward is the sort of player who could help restore Boston to contender status.

Rondo, meeting with reporters Monday at the Celtics’ training facility after watching the team work out 12 draft prospects, said his meeting with Love was brief and he held off on making a sales pitch on why Love should be in green.

“No, the only pitch that was thrown I think was [Boston Red Sox pitcher] Jon Lester, he threw out a couple pitches,” Rondo joked. “I didn’t pitch anything. I just told [Love] to enjoy his time here.”

Rondo playfully added: “I talked to Kevin for about 39 seconds. It wasn’t too long. We didn’t talk a lot.”

The Twitter photo, which spread like wildfire on social media, was referenced to the point guard.

“Did it make TMZ? It’s all over the web?” Rondo asked. “We do work together, we play against each other, we compete.

“So when I saw Kevin, I spoke to him. I wished him good luck here — his time in Boston. He spent a couple days here in Boston. I told him I was spending a couple months here in Boston.”