You can’t be serious right now. Police found three Jell-O shots in a drunk driver named Cathy Sanchez’ pockets after pulling her over for driving erratically in Minnesota last Saturday (June 1st). It gets worse, Sanchez is a mother of three and has also had three other DWI convictions plus a concealed weapons conviction. That’s not the last of it, find out more after the jump!


On top of the Jell-O shots chilling in her pocket, police say Sanchez reeked of alcohol, had blood shot eyes, and was slurring her words. Doesn’t seem like much of a surprise that she failed a series of sobriety tests and registered a .136 blood alcohol content.

Plus, she even tried to give the police a fake name originally saying her name was Cathy Reyes. You have to be drunk to think that would actually work. Sanchez also admitted to police that she had been busted an additional five times for drunk driving, while a police check revealed only 3 DWI convictions, plus the concealed weapons charge.

Oh and it doesn’t end there. According to court documents, the 28 year old’s drivers license had also been cancelled because she was considered a threat to public safety!

Sanchez was charged on Monday with two counts of first-degree driving while impaired, both felony charges, along with one count each of giving a peace officer a false name and driving after cancellation of her license, both misdemeanors.

While Sanchez awaits her next court appearance for June 16th, she faces a maximum of 7 years per charge. Guess she won’t be a threat to public safety anymore.

Check out some pics of Sanchez and her kids in the gallery above. What an outstanding example for a mother.

Source: Complex