The most annoying feeling is when your having a “Orange Is The New Black” marathon and then keep getting interrupted with Netflix buffering. Well if you were wondering who is responsible for this , the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now on a mission to figure this out.

Tat Wza

FCC chairmen ordered his staff to obtain information about the SECRET DEALS major web companies such as Netflix make with internet service providers to makes sure there content runs smoothly to your computer. These secret deals have been a source of conflict between Netflix and Verizon over the past two weeks. The two companies have spent the past two weeks publicly blaming each other for the reoccurring Netflix buffering and freezing. Netflix released an message to its customers suggesting that Verizon’s heavy congestion was causing video quality to go down. While Netflix pays Comcast and Verizon to ensure smooth streaming , the company constantly complains about the service. The FCC is going to start looking very closely at these deals. The reason behind all this? FCC chairmen stated “Americans deserve to get the speed and quality of Internet access they pay for.” Well put.

Huffington Post