IFWT_Domios Pizza
Today Domino’s launched a new voice ordering feature in it’s app(Powered by Nuance), available in the iOS version now, and rolling out of beta in Android ASAP!!

Tat Wza

This is really cool, and I’m sure Domino Pizza lovers will love this!

“a human-like, conversational customer service experience that allows users to speak an order and quickly add items to their cart.”

“There will be a day where typing on keyboards or with thumbs on mobile devices will come to a close; we want to be the ones who continue to advance the technology experience – hand-in-hand with our customers,” said Patrick Doyle, Domino’s Pizza president and CEO. “Our mobile app users who are a part of this launch are truly helping set the foundation for the innovations of today, that will soon enough become the standards of tomorrow.”

But the bigger picture is Nuance could work with any app to bring this ‘Human like experience’ to bring us a level of customer service. This would mean no more button pushing to options we don’t even want or outsourcing the service that leads to language barriers and a bunch of angry customers!! Yelp bad reviews could potentially see a huge drop.