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The NBA season is officially over and that means there’s a lot to think about for some players.  Earlier this month we learned that Shane Battier was going to retire after this season — he’s already got a new job, but what about Ray Allen?!  After 18 seasons, is it time for him to move on?  Check out what he had to say…




“I’ve had a great career, I’m content with what I’ve done,” Allen said. “It’s hard to think past this moment. In the next couple of days I’ll think about it and see where my true heart lies.”

Allen remains healthy; he played 79 games in the regular season and all 20 postseason games.

“One thing is for certain, to [make retirement decision] on my terms is the most important thing,” Allen said. “Whether that is me retiring, staying here or going somewhere else it will be on my terms. I’ve made it to this point and I felt great that I have the choice to make it for myself.”

There will be no suspense for Heat forward Shane Battier. He made his retirement official Sunday night.

“I’ve given everything I can to the game and I don’t have any more to give,” Battier said. “And I’m OK with it.”