Well, guess you can’t blame a guy for trying? Maybe he was just watching a little bit too much ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and got inspired. A Detriot man was arrested after allegedly trying to throw a football stuffed with heroine, weed, tobacco, and cell phones into the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility in Lansing, Michigan on Sunday. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have that great of a throwing arm and an officer was near by. Find out more after the jump!


Christen Deon-Sterling Moore, 32, took his football full of contraband and tried to throw it over the gates into the outdoor area where the inmates work out but the throw fell short, landing in-between a pair of fences. Than to top it all off, a prison officer was right there to watch the throw go down.

“After observing the passenger exit the vehicle and throw the football, our officer ran towards the vehicle and drew his Taser and told the driver to stop, which he did,” said Russ Marlan, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Corrections.

According to The Detriot Free Press, Moore is facing five-year felony charges for each piece of contraband and a conference is currently scheduled for Friday to discuss how to proceed with the case.