After Lana Del Rey blasted a journalist for The Guardian on Twitter when a controversial interview was published where the singer said “I wish I was dead already” claiming the interviewer coerced her into saying what she said, the man behind the story has come to his own defense. Tim Jonze, the journalist behind the interview, dropped the audio of the interview to prove he was only doing his job and what she had said was completely her own doing. Find out the rest of the story and hear the audio after the jump!


The Guardian published the controversial interview with the Born To Die singer last week where Jonze and Del Rey discussed her and her boyfriends heroes, including the likes of Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. What they all had in common was that the artists died at a young age, bringing Lana to say “I wish I was dead already.”

After the interview was posted, Lana took to Twitter to express her anger with the article. Even confusing Jonze for another journalist named Alexis Pedtridis. She later deleted the Tweets.

Jonze responded to Lana’s Tweets through his own Twitter saying this:

Lana fans went hard at Jonze and pushed him to publish an article on The Guardian‘s website in his defense which included the audio! Take a listen for yourself below: