Well, this is a beautiful change of pace. Due to the fact that the Southwest border has been flooded with unaccompanied minors lately, Dallas County has agreed on a program where over 1,000 immigrant children will be given housing. Find out more after the jump!


Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is calling the situation a “humanitarian crisis” and that it is considering that so far in 2014 alone Border Patrol has apprehended 52,193 minors.

“I believe that every child is precious, and that regardless of your stance on immigration or the causes for this human tragedy, we cannot turn our back on the children that are already here,” Jenkins said while speaking at the Texas Democratic Convention on Saturday.

Federal authorities have been scouting the Texas county for possible locations, according to Jenkins. While this seems like a great thing to do for these poor children who find themselves lost and alone, plans similar to this in other cities have faced stiff opposition.

Jenkins is moving to take minors from “incarceration on our border to compassionate care in Dallas County.” I understand how anyone could have a problem with that.

Especially considering what’s 1,000 children to 50,000 who are left incarcerated? I don’t see how anyone beliefs on border control could possibly make them so heartless that they can be okay with the fact that innocent children are wasting away in lock up.

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