With all the artists under Jay’s RocNation label and management team, I’m sure its definitely easy to slip through the cracks of relevancy with acts like M.I.A., Rita Ora, Santigold, J. Cole and many more. By the looks of it, one artist in particular thought it best to sever ties with label home, and take the reins of her career into her own hands after being apart of Roc familia for the past six years. Find out who shoots the deuces to RocNation after six long years and WHY inside.

Looks like singer/song writer Bridget Kelly is shooting the deuces up to her label home of the past six years after being placed on the back burner. Yup. According to the artist, she has gone independent and is still forging ahead with putting out her debut album come this September. See what she had to say about the big split to Rap Up Tv below.

Andrea G