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You guys love to make something out of nothing.  While it’s interesting, I wouldn’t read too much into this.  Rihanna would eat this kid alive. Lol.  Back in May Roc Nation Sports added James Young to their roster & fans had a lot to say when Ri Ri was spotted courtside with the Kentucky baller.
Well last week he was drafted by the Boston Celtics with the 17th overall pick & of course reporters had to ask about Rihanna.  Check out what he had to say…



Via Courier-Journal:

…in his post-draft press conference, he was asked about Boston and expectations and why he will be able to succeed. And, yes, he was also asked about that meeting with Rihanna.

Specifically, a reporter wondered whether he would invite her to a Boston Celtics game. Young wasn’t shy.  “Yeah, I mean, of course I will,” he said, smiling. “Who wouldn’t? If she wants to come, I definitely would.”

With a hard-hitting follow-up question, as several people in the room rolled their eyes, Young was then asked if he spoke to Rihanna when they were seat buddies during the Nets playoff game.

“I got to talk to her a little bit,” he said. “She’s a cool person, a sweet lady, and I kind of met her at halftime, too. She’s really nice.”