Well, that must’ve been a sight to see on your way to work. A 51 year old Florida woman stripped off almost all of her her clothes and decided to start doing yoga poses in the middle of the street. Who in the world would do that? Well, someone who was high as kite for one… Find out the rest of the story after the jump!


It started with a call to 911 about an intoxicated woman stripping off her clothes on Ocala Street. When police confronted Michele Cernak her pants were at her ankles, with panties still on, and according to witnesses she had been doing yoga poses in the street.

About 10 feet away from where she was “exercising” Cernak abandoned her car with the drivers door wide open where the officers would find heroine and drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. After being questioned by police about a bleeding wound on her leg, Cernak eventually admitted that she had been shooting heroine.

The 51 year old was charged with possession of heroine, drug paraphernalia and a control substance without a prescription. She is now locked up in the Marion County jail on a $5000 bond.

Check out her mug shot and the police report in the gallery above!