Kerri Casem Fights Against stepmom Jean Kasem In Rights To Missing Body Of Casey Kasem
Casey Kasem died last month at the age of 82 and so far it has not been such a rest in peace for him. The rights to Casey Kasem’s body is fought over between the daughter and wife. When daughter arrives at the funeral home hosting Kasem’s body to deliver a restraining order against the wife, she was given the shock of her life.
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Nqobi C

Upon arriving to give the restraining order, Kerri was told that they no longer have the remains. Kerri is fighting for the rights of her father from his wife, Jean Kasem who wants to cremate him; while the daughter, Kerri wants the body autopsied.

So far, Jean’s lawyer has refused to comment since being contacted on yesterday, Friday 19th July.
Jean Kasem filed for Casey Kasem’s body to be taken out of state and to a funeral home in Montreal.

However, the funeral home has denied any paperwork or the body of Casey Kasem.

Kerri still believes otherwise stating on Friday

“My dad has nothing to do with Canada. He lived in Los Angeles for 45 years. It just once again proves that my stepmother is not acting in my father’s best interest or respecting his wishes,”

against her stepmother, Jean. Kerri believes that Jean is doing everything in her power to keep family and loved ones from visiting the gravesite.

So sad…