It seems like Ludacris is under some heavy scrutiny after posting a pic to Instagram account followed by a series of emojis, without accrediting the photographer on the amazing shot.

Adriela Batista

Australian sources have reported that photographer Paul Pichugin is extremely angry after his followers brought posted pic on Ludacris’ Instagram, to his attention. The photographer and his followers began commenting on the photo, expressing their dissatisfaction with the lyricist’s lack of recognition for Pichugin.

“In general, it’s absolutely essential that photographers are credited so that people know who took the photo and who to go to if they want similar photos taken for a business or tourism campaign…There seems to be a very basic misunderstanding of copyright on the internet, that because something is posted on a public website it’s OK to use,” Pichugin stated to the ‘WA Today’. “That’s not at all true.”

Pichugin has filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act with Instagram and coincidentally the photo has disappeared from Ludacris’ account.

**Check out the photo in the gallery above**