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Well this escalated pretty quickly.  Early this morning a story went up about Dean Cain warning Johnny Manziel to NOT end up like Matt Leinart. Ouch.  Well apparently Leinart heard the news already and he sent some shots back towards Cain’s way on Twitter — clearly Matt is pissed.   Johnny Football really has everyone going crazy! Lol.
Check out how it all went down…




Via TMZ:

Johnny Manziel is flashing shades of Matt Leinart — and it’s NOT a good thing — so says Dean Cain — who warns the QB that “going Hollywood” can backfire in a big way.

That’s when the Leinart comparison began — “I do remember another quarterback back in the day, coming out and being a high draft choice and hanging out with the Hollywood starlets and stars and never really doing that well.”