As an average youtuber, you will more than likely not get sued, but this case of Michelle Phan, the youtuber that got fame from sharing make up tips, even in the youtube commercials on TV, is a bit different than average, so she is getting sued.

Tat Wza

Apparently Michelle used about 50 songs from Electronic dance record label(DeadMau5’s label), and because she is who she is, they took her to court to get $150K per song, which is about $7.5M. She has big deals with Lancôme and L’Oreal(huge make up outfits), and is a youtube partner.

Now she is claiming she had permission, and even has one of the artists coming to her defense(See in the gallery above), so this one will be interesting to see play out. Here is an example:

The Music in this video is from the artist supporting her!