It went down today for Charles Mozdir a fugitive pedophile suspected of molesting a 7-year-old boy in California. It wasn’t until he was featured on CNN that US Marshalls found him living in Greenwich Village. However, he wasn’t going out without a fight. When the Marshalls arrived to arrest him, along with an NYPD officer, he opened fire on them — injuring three of them. More info after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

According to Pix11, who recorded live just after shots rang out, “Mozdir opened fire on the law enforcers, who had just rung the doorbell at 177 W. 4th St. , near Jones Street, authorities said. Law enforcers returned fire, killing him. The suspect’s gun was recovered at the scene.”

This ordeal ended a two-year search for Mozdir. After he made bail back in San Diego, he did not appear in court on June 15, 2012.