Being the two busiest people in showbiz hasn’t stopped Kim and Kanye West from enjoying their newlywed life. Despite being apart at times, the two are more in love than ever and hasn’t let the distance hinder their marriage.

Jade Raven

Shortly after their honeymoon, Kanye went back on tour including being a last minute replacement for Drake at the Wireless Festival in London. Life on the road only makes the heart grow fonder for the couple.

“They wish they could be together all the time,” a source tells PEOPLE.

While they are the worlds most talked-about couple, Kim and Kanye still know how to keep parts of their marriage private.

“Kanye flies back to see his family every time he can get away, even if only for a night,” says the source. “They see each other a lot more than people realize – they just don’t feel the need to publicize it every time.”

Cherishing the family moments, like North taking her first steps, is what the couple’s priority is.

“They really enjoy spending time at home,” explains the source. “They watch movies together, play in the nursery … go for walks around the neighborhood.”

Though the two have very hectic schedule’s, it hasn’t stopped Kim and Kanye from talking about their future as a family. “They both want more kids,” says the source. “That’ll probably happen sooner than later.”