This was the app that leaked not too long ago, but nothing was really mentioned other than it was ‘one touch photo messaging’, which lead to many guessing it was for competition to Snapchap, but now that IG has put it out in 3 distant countries, we know just a little bit more about it.

Tat Wza

Ok, now we know that ‘Bolt’ doesn’t require twitter, FB, OR IG to sign in but a phone #(so I’m guessing it’s not viable on a wifi tablet), needing access to contacts directly. What Bolt really does different is it doesn’t have a camera button, instead you tap on a contact to instantly take and send a photo/video, hence the ‘one touch’. There is also an option to retract that photo/video after being sent, but you only have a few seconds to do that, so you better react as quick as possible if you accidentally sent the right photo/video to the wrong person(aka if you nude selfie’d your parent).
Now there is no word on if the ‘content’ you sent will disappear like snapchat, and right now it’s only in 3 countries(Singapore, South Africa, and New Zealand) so IG can get some feedback to fix anything before they unleash it on the entire globe!
I am a little curious how the video part works if it’s one touch, also if there will be an option for multiple contacts for sending, but I guess we’ll see 0_o

*See Photo Of Bolt in the Gallery above*