Kevin Durant won the MVP honors last year and before that LeBron James won four MVP’s almost in a row with the exception of the year Derrick Rose won.  Between Durant and James it’s increasingly difficult for any other player to even be considered for the award but Durant announced who he believes will win soon and it’s quite an interesting answer.

Shay Marie


As reported by SLAM magazine in a recent profile of New Orleans forward Anthony Davis, when Davis texted congratulations to Durant on winning league MVP, Durant responded back to Davis that the 21-year-old is headed for the honor someday.

“You on your way to get it,” read Durant’s text message back to Davis.

Anthony Davis was incredible last year, filling up the stat sheet and working the floor on both ends of the court.  His improvement between his rookie and sophomore years were quite astonishing and it’ll be interesting to see how quickly he continues to progress.  Though it’s difficult to see anyone dethroning either Durant or James soon, Durant could be right about Davis.