I guess when it rains it pours, but then again, Future is good for it. The Jasmine Brand were able to get their hands on some legal documents that shows Future and Brittni Mealy, the mother to their son, Prince has come to an agreement on monthly child support fees.

Last year, Brittni filed a paternity lawsuit requesting that Future pay back and future (ha!) child support. The, “Move That Dope” artst’s rebuttal was that he’s not denying being the father of baby Prince, but he would rather the courts come up with a reasonable price to pay. Come June of 2014, the two were able to come to an agreement.

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JaaiR (JR)

Future has to pay $3,000 a month to Brittni and they also settled on custody matters.

Brittni will have primary physical custody and the rapper will have secondary physical custody. The docs note that both work in the entertainment industry and they will have to work together on who gets time sharing for their son.

Ciara’s ex-fiance also has to pay $2,800 a month to Jessica Smith, the mother of his first son. The artist’s income is $50K, so again, he’s good for it.