Now I know there are laws that prevent texting and driving, but what about texting and flying? Well I guess there are no laws preventing that and a pilot on a Jet Airlines flight took full advantage! A pilot flying from India dropped his plane from over 5,000 feet because he wanted to check his IPAD!!! Texting and driving is one thing, but texting and flying a plane! Hit the jump to read more on this story!


A Jet Airways plane carrying 280 people from Mumbai to Brussels dropped suddenly from the required 34,000 feet to 29,000 feet on Aug. 8, prompting an emergency message from an air traffic control center in Ankara, Turkey.

The commander of flight 9W-228 was apparently taking a “controlled rest,” which is standard procedure for pilots, the Indian Express reports. He had handed over control of the Boeing 777-300 to his co-pilot, who was reportedly checking flight data on her iPad.

After the plane dipped, alarmed authorities in Ankara sent the plane a message, asking why the pilots had strayed from the busy air traffic route and ordering them to climb back to normal altitudes.

It was that message that prompted the co-pilot to wake up her commander, who immediately returned the plane to the correct height.

The pilots didn’t file a flight safety report and continued to fly until they were suspended earlier this week, after regulators received an anonymous message.

Can pilots get tickets?

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