Nicki Minaj x Remy Ma

As the beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj continues to go on (solely from Kim’s side, though,) Remy Ma has something to say about it. In a recent interview, the newly freed raptress (who has expressed the desire to work with all of her fellow raptresses) said the following:

“It’s been going on for too long. That’s one thing. On Kim’s part, I would have liked if she put out more music. Not just music directed at the person she’s upset. Just music in general. If you feel like you hold a certain position, it’s so easy to prove that by putting out [new] material.”

I couldn’t agree more! Less beef and more music is always the best solution! Check out Remy’s full interview below.

Marisa Mendez

Source: AHH via HoHH