Kylie Jenner
It’s been a couple of days since the news broke that Kylie Jenner had yet again crashed one of her thousand of dollars Range Rover. The story goes that Kylie claims it was NOT her fault….well now the other driver involved in the accident had a different scenario about the accident.
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Nqobi C

Now, the story that Kylie told Mommy was that she was rear-ended when another driver swerved in her lane abruptly causing her to collide into the youngest Jenner/Kardashian.

Seems pretty plausible coming from only one side of the story…HOWEVER, now the lady who was involved in the accident is calling bluff on Kylie!

The woman’s lawyer stated that Kylie actually was at fault as she made an illegal U-turn with no indication whatsoever onto on going traffic.

But that’s not all. According to the Lawyer, Kylie not only caused the accident but also had an attitude, tried to force the woman to settle by cash with no insurance or attention of the police!


AND THAT’S NOT ALL. The woman ended up in the hospital due to the impact of the accident.

Ay Ayyyy this is just too messy now.

Check out the gallery for some pictures from the accident