ifwt_floyd-50-money-6 Floyd Mayweather didn’t take up 50 Cent on his $750k challenge — but Floyd still wants Fif to do something special with that money he offered to donate.  Check it out & let us know what you think about it… GameTimeGirl   Via Knockout Nation:

“I was thinking about something when you asked me about 50 Cent,” Mayweather said as if a light bulb appeared above his head. “If you really want to donate money, how about you donate money to Michael Brown’s family.” The 37-year-old champion was directly addressing 50 Cent’s “ALS/ESL challenge” on Instagram in exchange for a $750,000 charity donation. While he took a brief shot at the rapper on his All Access reality show, Mayweather chose a more direct approach when speaking to the group of writers gathered at his gym. “I shouldn’t stop you (from donating money to charitable organizations),” Mayweather continued. “Our company has been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to different organizations for years without looking for the media attention. The best thing for 50 Cent to do is to donate the $750k to Michael Brown’s family.”

Spotted: BSO