We have heard this before, but apparently this time Shaq is for real. In the past, he has been an honorary type police officer, who was more a cop in title than actually doing the job. This time around though Shaq wants to be the real deal and is not expecting special treatment. Hit the jump.


According to the Miami Herald, Shaq applied to become a Doral reserve police officer amid much fanfare. This isn’t his first foray into police work; he previously held the same position in Miami nine years ago, per Patrick Chalvire of WSVNChannel 7:

If he passes, he will then have to do everything else to be certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, just like any of our other officers, reserve or not reserve.

At this point, especially because of his size, I am not sure if Shaq would do well being an officer, especially if he had to get involved with chasing a suspect or anything like that. However I assume if he becomes a real police officer he would be doing more things inside the station than on the streets.