Kendall Jenner
From Paris to London to LA to New York and back, Kendall is leaving her footprint in the fashion world and it ain’t small. The Jenner model ended New York Fashion Week this week with the Marc Jacobs show where she first made her nipple-bearing impact in February.
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Nqobi C

Back in Feburay, Kendall caused a stir in the media when she made her appearance at the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Fashion Show where she flashed her nipples.

This times New York’s Fashion Week, Kendall kept it under wraps as she walked for the designer once again in a pale look with a bob wig.

Speaking earlier this week with CNN, Kendall spoke about dropping her last name saying,

‘You just don’t know how (casting directors) are going to react to it. It could be like “Oh, just another reality TV star coming in, trying to be something,” This is what I want to do…This is my career. This is what I wanted to be. I just felt like I didn’t want a last name to help me in any way, Whenever I went into a casting, I didn’t need any special treatment.’

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