Since the fatal incident two years ago in August, artists of all kind have stated that a man such as Chris Lighty would have never committed suicide. Rapper 50 Cent has even hired a private investigator in the matter, who also states that even after a fight with his wife, Veronica Lighty or financial issues he would not have taken his own life.

Now, in a search for some answers, Dave Lighty has launched a petition to re-open the case of his brother’s documented suicide.

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The petition states:

“This Petition is to reopen the case on Darrell “Chris” Lighty. Requesting that the city of New York provide the needed materials for us to do our own gun residue test and independent autospy by Michael Baden and to look closely at the facts and help my family get some closure as we do not feel that Darrell committed suicide.”

Currently, the petition has 538 signatures. The goal is 750 signatures.

Check out the petition HERE!