If you are a NBA fan chances are 2K is your game of choice and for good reasoning: they have a very intense and official NBA game. You can lose things like money and even close friends over this game and every year they have new features for their fans, this year it gets a little more personal.

This year NBA2K decided to get more in tune with the fans and let them create their characters specifically for their liking. 2K15 is introducing face mapping where the player can customize their MyPlayer and online player to look exactly like them through either the camera for the PS4 or XboxOne. The camera literally scans your face and within a couple of minutes it will be like you are looking at yourself in a mirror through your television.

You can be sure to check the gallery above for pictures that display the face mapping feature, this is only a feature of what everyone is sure to come in October…

Will you be face mapping?


Melo & Tat Wza